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IKONIX Photo Shootout – Nollen Plaza

September 5th, 2009 No comments

Probably gona catch some flack from my recent brides for blogging this before their weddings, but just hang on tight;)

Had a great afternoon downtown at the photo shoot organized for IKONIX Studio for us to demonstrate the great California Sunbounce & Sunswatter reflector & scrim and show how those products could turn harsh 12-noon sun into flattering portrait-quality light.

Had a nice group of local photogs show up to work with Jen, a great model, who handled the multi-angled photographic assault like a seasoned pro.

As always, lots of shots…  Here’s some of my faves from the afternoon










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Wedding Preparedness

May 29th, 2009 No comments

After feasting on the wonderful rehearsal-dinner food at the Latin King (odd name for an Italian restaurant), it’s time to go over the equipment for the big wedding day tomorrow one last time.  Two of everything?  Check!  Back off, Murphy!

~14 hours of coverage, wish us luck ;)

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Trigger Me Not

May 5th, 2009 3 comments

I’ve been holding my breath for months, waiting for the release of the RadioPopper JrX flash triggers, tearfully watching them push the release date back further and further.  The latest update on their blog specified a mid March release, which has far come and gone. Contacting them directly always yields a response that they’re releasing on a date in a couple weeks, which gets pushed back another week when they’re contacted by somebody else 20 seconds later.

They’re seriously losing out on a huge market share with these delays and failure to keep the general public updated.  They can’t compete without a shipping product, and they’re losing respect as a company by portraying such incompetency and poor customer service.

With wedding season coming up, it was time to come up for air, and I had no choice but to purchase the Alien Bee CyberSyncs today instead.  I know they’re also an awesome product (I love the AB800 lights I already have from them) and know I’ll be thrilled.  The supposed specs on the poppers had just seemed a tad more enticing, and the price tag a hair cheaper.

Anywhoo, now I wait on delivery of my 4 CSRB+’s (receivers) and CST (transmitter) :)

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